ACM are Gateshead first carbon neutral waste management company. We offer high-quality commercial and business waste management operations that focus on innovation, cost efficiency and sustainability whilst being environmentally friendly.

We manage the latter via our Greener Path Programme which comprises various unique waste management strategies such as Waste Clear®, Waste Wise® and our bespoke software monitoring system ESP / Waste Track®.

What is Avert™ and how it benefits Gateshead’s Waste Management Solutions?

It’s true to say that with Avert™ we – and your business – are making a huge contribution to the UK government’s aim of creating a circular economy. That’s because we analyse the way you produce waste, together with your water and energy use. Next we supply a report identifying where we could reduce that waste via, for example, preventing it in the first place, reducing it or reusing it.

Under this scheme we have set a series of promises for Gateshead businesses. Two of these include getting rid of one fifth of a company’s current business and commercial waste and reducing energy usage by 15 per cent

Waste which it is impossible to recycle or reuse can be ‘reduced.’ By this we mean anaerobically digested to produce biogas and which is then used for renewable energy.

In what other ways can we help with compliance?

Compliance isn’t just about physical waste management. The ISO14001 also states the need for an environmental management system. This is where our Greener Path Programme comes in. As well as systemising waste it also provides software management for data recording and analysis.

We can handle any waste stream including hazardous, construction, clinical, WEEE and many more. Our Gateshead waste management solutions are compliant with all EU laws and health and safety legislations.

Contact us for a free ACM Environmental waste health check today.

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