Oldham Business Waste Management

At ACM Environmental we help companies and organisations in Oldham dispose of their waste in the most environmentally-friendly and cost-effective methods possible. We achieve our enviable targets through proven waste strategies such as our Greener Path Programme.

Green waste management solutions in Oldham for all commercial sectors

The very first company to set up a carbon neutral waste management programme in Oldham, we are fortunate to have 25 years of expertise within the sector to base our knowledge and practical testing methods on.

Commercial sectors in Oldham that we support include restaurants, retail outfits, care homes, food producers, manufacturing and even zoos.

Tracking waste recycling in ‘real time’

Our sophisticated software service even allows each and every one of our Oldham clients to track their waste in real-time, as well as providing updated data and an analysis of their ongoing performance with respect to their stated waste targets.

The Greener Path Programme

This is a zero waste management strategy designed to help both commercial organisations in Oldham meet government waste recycling targets and, at the same time, protect the local environment. An additional bonus to companies with the Greener Path Programme is the fact that it can also help them optimise the amount of money they receive with respect to re-use and recycling of all waste that they produce.

The Programme consists of three separate packages – Waste Clear®, Waste Wise® and our own bespoke monitoring and data analysis software ESP / Waste Track®. Following a consultation and free data analysis with a member of our team we can advise Oldham businesses on the best waste management strategy for their purposes. It may be a combination of packages or simply one individual package, depending on how far down the waste management route the company already is.

We can handle any waste stream including hazardous, construction, clinical, WEEE and many more. Our Oldham waste management solutions are compliant with all EU laws and health and safety legislations.

Find out what waste management services we can offer and how it can help your company in Oldham by booking a free compliance check right now.



Russ Sampson heads up ACM Environmental PLC's North West Division.  ACM is one of the UK's leading commercial waste management companies.  We base our waste management services on solutions that are innovative, financially viable and environmentally sound, providing waste management and recycling solutions across the North West region. 

To discuss your waste and recycling needs with Russ, call 08700 777555 or email greenerpath@acmplc.com.

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