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Looking after your waste and recycling equipment

If you have waste and recycling equipment onsite it is important to take care of it, not just from a health and safety point of view, but to help extend its working life.

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Compactors: A Buyer's Guide

Waste Compactors offer a clean, efficient method for collecting and disposing of waste. Find out more about whether a compactor could help make your waste and recycling operation more efficient.

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Balers: A Buyer's Guide

There are a wide range of both horizontal and vertical balers on the market to suit your waste and space requirements. But where do you start when looking for a cardboard baler?

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Devastating effect of uncompetitive pricing on UK paper industry

UK paper facilities are paying uncompetitive and unsustainable prices to power their plants resulting in potential closures across the country.

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Could Environmental Export Tax help protect UK jobs?

In the light of the shocking news of the closure of the SSI plant in Teeside with 1,700 job losses, could the introduction of an Environmental Export Tax help?

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Waste Management in Stadiums

With up to 90,000 people descending on stadiums across the country, week in, week out it is essential to ensure your waste management is as efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound as possible

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Waste Management for Schools

The importance of recycling in schools cannot be under-estimated. As with all businesses, effective waste management in schools can go a long way to reducing costs and improving sustainability.

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Save on waste storage at your conference venue with a baler

Using a baler at your conference venue can help you significantly reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill and potentially generate rebates for you.

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Safe waste storage onsite for schools

The safe storage of waste is important in any environment, but particularly when there are children and young people in the vicinity every day.

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Glass recycling in the hospitality sector

The hospitality sector produces approximately 600-650 thousand tonnes of glass waste a year we talk about hoot improve glass recycling in the hospitality sector

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