Balers: A buyer's guide

If your business generates cardboard, paper or plastic waste, or you produce a lot of aluminum cans, there is no doubt you would benefit from installing a baler.

There are a wide range of vertical balers and horizontal balers to suit your waste and space requirements. 

By using a baler you will:

  • greatly reduce the number of vehicle movements, and their associated costs, to and from your site. 
  • dramatically reduce the impact your organisation has on the environment
  • realise the maximum rebate value for your recyclable materials

By using a cardboard baler, or a baler suitable for plastic or cans, not only will you greatly reduce the number of vehicle movements to landfill sites, you can also dramatically reduce your waste related carbon footprint. 

Landfill tax has been rising dramatically for the last few years and is now a staggering £80 per tonne.  By using a baler, you will not only avoid these taxes, but if you use a company like ACM, we will secure the highest possible rebates for you - thereby turning your waste into a resource.

If you are concerned about the cost implications of installing a baler, don't be.  At ACM we will work with you to find the most cost-effective solution to suit you needs and budget.  So whether you are a SME, large hotel, stadium, large-scale manufacturer, university of shopping mall, we will have a baling solution to suit you.

There are a great many balers on the market, and we can help guide you through what might seems a daunting task!  The main types of baler are:


Perfect if you generate a medium to large volume of material but have limited space onsite. Your waste volume could be reduced by up to 90% and these balers are suitable for cardboard, plastics, paper, polythene and other recyclables. A variety of sizes are available.

  • Suitable for cardboard, plastics, paper, polythene & other recycables
  • Can reduce waste volume up to 90%


Suitable for businesses that generate multiple streams of recyclable waste. Segregating and baling these waste streams separately makes recycling easier, more efficient and can increase their value. Sizes to suit your space and volume requirements.

  • Suitable for businesses & organisations that generate multiple streams of recyclable waste


Mill Size Balers produce easy to stack bales of densely compacted cardboard, plastic and paper and are an ideal solution for on-site recycling and waste management. Mill Size Balers are very efficient and easy to use, and offer levels of performance, strength and safety.

  • Produces rectangular, easy to stack bales
  • Supremely efficient & easy to use
  • Offers high levels of performance & strength


Horizontal Balers are ideal for handling very large volumes of recyclable waste and can process a wide range of materials including cardboard, paper and plastic bottles.  Semi Automatic and Auto Tie machines are available in various sizes and can produce bales weighing up to 600kg.

  • Ideal for handling large volumes of waste
  • Suitable for a wide range of materials

Balers can have such a positive effect on any business in terms of safe storage or waste, financially in terms of rebates generate from your recyclables and of course, environmentally with reduced vehicle movements to your site and diversion of waste from landfill.  Find out more about our balers here.  Or for one to one advice do call to speak to one of our advisors 08700 777555.



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