Catering Waste Management

A guide to waste management for catering establishments in the hotel and hospitality sector

Since the introduction of the Hospitality and Food Service Agreement, the focus on improving catering waste management and waste management in hotels and the food service sector has increased significantly.

Why is catering waste an issue?

There are some alarming statistics on the amount and cost of food waste produced in the hospitality and food service sector:

  • More than 1.3 billion meals wasted every year in the UK’s hospitality and food service sector
  • The estimated cost of a tonne of food waste is £2,800

What is catering waste?

Catering waste is any waste food from restaurants, catering facilities and kitchens. Catering waste which contains animal by-products includes: cooked or processed meat and fish. bakery products containing meat, fish or dairy products.  

Trading Standards explain the strict regulations on the disposal of food waste containing animal by-products as follows:

The Animal By-Products (Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2013 lay down rules for the collection, handling, transport, storage and disposal of animal by-products. They aim to control the risks, including disease, to both animals and the public. Food material consisting of or containing products originating from animals becomes an animal by-product (ABP) when the food business manager makes a decision that the product is no longer to be used for human consumption for whatever reason. Once this decision is made it is irreversible. The material then becomes a low risk (category 3) ABP and the origin of this food material determines how it can be disposed of or used.

Because of these stringent regulations it is imperative you use a reputable company to handle your catering waste management.  

Why is catering waste management important?

Without a robust waste management strategy for your catering waste you could find yourself contributing to the following negative effects:

  • Methane production from rotting food
  • CO2 production
  • Incineration/landfill to get rid of the wasted food

How do you reduce catering waste?

There are numerous options available to you for reducing catering waste - some of which are explained here.

Some things you could consider are:

ACM Environmental have a vast wealth of experience in helping both hotels and food service companies to reduce their food waste and dispose of it in the most environmentally-sound and cost-effective way.  Indeed several are winners of our Greener Path Awards for landfill diversion and the quality of their recylates.

Call ACM today to discuss how we can help you - 08700 777555


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