With everyone jumping on the trend to go “plastic-free”, is it a real problem to use plastic products? Not if plastics are re-used and recycled effectively.

When it comes to single use plastics, products designed for one use only – this is when it can become an issue. These products then make their way along the journey of waste. This can either be down the recycling route, where the plastic is sorted alongside the same type of plastic before being re-molded and shaped into new products. The alternative to this and the most likely option for single use plastics is being sent to landfill.

The reason behind single use plastics being sent to landfill is because to their design. These products are made to be used once before being thrown away. You may be under the impression; why is this being sent to landfill? Surely, this can be recycled or reused.

Let’s list an example; a carrier bag has a lifespan of twelve uses after it deteriorates and it is no longer usable. In the UK, a “carrier bag tax” was enforced in October 2015 in order to encourage single use plastic alternatives and to cut the total of plastic in circulation. The alternative to a carrier bag would be a reusable canvas bag, or any other type of material built to last.

When it comes to businesses and how single plastics can affect you, it may be best to invest in recyclable designs. By investing in designs to suit your company, you can ensure that your brand name gains publicity with the association of durability and resilience against your company name. If you’re interested in Recyclability by Design check out RECOUP’s report on plastics to take inspiration and see what would work for you.

ACM are able to design a waste management plan specific to your sector and your requirements. Take a look at our case studies to find out for yourself. By investing in a waste management broker like ACM, you are able to take control of your business, cut down on costs and mitigate risk for your business.

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