HOW does recycling affect a business?

According the Government, each year we produce 177 million tonnes of waste in England alone.   If not handled correctly, this waste is extremely costly to dispose of and has an very detrimental affect on the environment.

Businesses and consumers are being urged towards 'zero waste' - this doesn't mean waste won't be produced - that will never happen - but  it means the waste that is produced is disposed of in the most environmentally-sound way; primarily this is by reducing, reusing and recycling as much as you possibly can.

Many businesses still send a great deal of their waste to landfill - not only is this very harmful to the environment because of the greenhouses and methane landfill sites produce, but it is also very costly to a business with the cost per tonne in Landfill Tax currently standing at £80.

By introducing recycling to your business you will be seen in a positive light by your staff and more importantly, your customers.  Recycling doesn't have to be complicated and could be as simple a introducing containment bins for dry mixed recycling (DMR); or if you wanted to go further you could segregate on site and have different bins for paper, cardboard, tins, bottles, plastics etc.  Introduction of these measures is important if you are looking to achieve ISO14001 status.

By recycling you can also affect a business by generating income from your waste - rebates are available for good quality paper, cardboard, plastics and other materials - so instead of paying hefty landfill taxes to dispose of your waste, you could actually be treating it as an income source for your business.


As with most things in business there are undoubtedly Pros and Cons to embracing recycling within your operation.  That's why we would always advise to start at the beginning and Reduce your waste as the first part of the process, followed by Reusing where you can and only then will you need to consider how to Recycle.

Pros of recycling in business

  • Reduces waste to landfill

This not only helps protect the environment as the detrimental effects of landfill cannot be underestimated; but helps reduce costs as landfill taxes have risen well about the rate of inflation in recent years.

  • Dramatically improves your green credentials

It makes good business sense for your staff and customers to see a demonstration of a green strategy when it comes to your business waste management.  

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emission

Businesses have to take the lead when it comes to creating a sustainable plant, reducing greenhouse gas emissions have been in the news for decades and will continue to be until all businesses have embraced a sustainable waste management strategy. 

  • Helps protect natural resources - see the number of Planet Earths we need to provide enough resources and absorb our waste

The numbers speak for themselves - just take a moment to see how quickly the number of Planet Earths increases - a very graphic illustration of how we are using our natural resources at an unsustainable rate.

  • Comply with waste regulations

Businesses have a responsibility to be compliant when it comes to waste, and the vast number of laws and regulations connected to it.  By introducing a recycling operations it is easier to comply with these regulations and enables you to be better prepared for future legislation

  • Saving money

Recycling can create a new income stream for your business with rebates available for good quality paper, cardboard, plastics and other materials.

Cons of recycling in business

  • Time to re-educate staff in the new systems
  • Installation of new bins, waste management equipment
  • Training of staff on the use of this equipment
A good waste management company will take care of all of this for you however, making the transition to an environmentally-sound business smooth and hassle-free.









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