“Thrilled to be shortlisted in 3 categories in this year’s NRAwards”

ACM is delighted to announced that we have been shortlisted in 3 different categories for the National Recycling Awards this year!

Retail/Service sector Recycler of the Year with Palmer & Harvey


Palmer and Harvey, the UK’s largest Wholesaler, has been with us for 16 years allowing us to assist in diverting 2,000 tonnes of waste from landfill every year. In 2013, P&H had already reached 95% diversion to landfill, but for ACM and Palmer and Harvey it wasn’t enough. The objective of reaching zero waste to landfill by 2017 was then beaten earlier than expected and we had achieved zero waste mid-2016. This was an amazing step for us but this hasn’t stopped us from progressing even further. ACM is now looking at decreasing the amount of materials sent to RDF for Palmer and Harvey in order to reduce carbon emissions. For more info about this visit.

Equipment Innovation of the Year with ZSL


ZSL is a British charity dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and manage two zoos. The London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo is open 364 days a year, plus the unusual combination of animal, visitor and day-to-day operational waste makes environmentally compliant, sustainable and cost efficient waste management a challenge. Seven years ago, it was estimated that 80% of all waste from the Zoos was being taken to landfill. By installing “Zoo Poo” compactors and composting, recycling and creating energy from waste we have diverted at least 95% from landfill. To read more about our solution to ZSL please access link here or watch ZSL’s testimonial.

Business Partnership with Brakes


Brakes, leading UK foodservice supplier has been with us since 2006 has been following the Greener Path Programme set out by ACM Environmental. ACM’s Greener Path Programme with Brakes is a unique, holistic and totally sustainable waste management strategy, looking at optimum environmental operational and financial performance. Find out more about the Greener Path here.  The latest figures from ACM’s Environmental Services Portal, show that ACM is helping Brakes divert a staggering 100% of their waste from landfill. ACM has also helped Brakes achieve the highest possible level on the Waste Hierarchy (Re-Use) for 16% of their waste and this figure looks set to rise next year.





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