School Success in Edinburgh

George Heriot’s School in the centre of Edinburgh faced the problem of having unsightly skip type collection equipment for their waste sited on the beautiful 400-year-old Terrace.  With a little imagination ACM Scotland has now managed to eliminate this problem with the introduction of much smaller Rotary Baler equipment, whilst also establishing two mini recycling Centres on Campus at the school.

The school now compacts all General and Recyclable waste and also Bales all of the Cardboard waste materials.  The two mini Recycling Centres on site means the school has returned to having a beautiful entrance to the Main building whilst being more effective in their waste management. 

Niche waste stream problem sorted

Not so far from George Heriot’s School is another success story – JK Thomson of Musselburgh.

A very successful, family run business of 4 generations, JK Thomson is one of Scotland’s premier fish/food wholesalers. Unfortunately, they had a problem with how best to deal with Polystyrene waste, with almost all of it being diverted to landfill.

The Company struggled to find a waste company who could provide an environmentally friendly alternative for them.  Until they met ACM -  we were able to help.

A specific polystyrene densifier has been installed on site, resulting in the polystyrene waste now being densified by a factor of over 40:1 and compacted.  This compacted material is now and 100% diverted from landfill.

Not only did this result in significant cost savings, but the positive environmental impact was also truly beneficial to all. Coupled with the installation of cardboard balers on site, JK Thomson now have a Waste Management solution in keeping with the high reputation the Company has enjoyed for many years. 

How can we help you?

These are just two of the most recent and positive impact solutions implemented by ACM Environmental in Scotland.  If you are interested in discussing your own waste and recycling requirements with ACM Scotland then please contact David Crichton on 07834 438254 or email




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