Knutsford Business makes TV news!

North West business Packaging Automation Ltd recently attracted the attention of a local TV station when it was presented with a new ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ status local award.   The Knutsford based company approached ACM for assistance after identifying that it wanted to improve the waste operation but did not know how to improve it themselves.  A very full staff car park was being emptied each week to allow skip lorry access, causing major disruption to the production process.  ACM identified improved waste containers that could be wheeled into the factory to be filled and then wheeled out straight past the parked cars on bin day.  New ‘space saving’ stacking containers were provided for swarf on a ‘merry-go-round’ exchange basis, a small baler provided to reduce cardboard storage space.  ACM has also greatly increased the rebate the business obtains for valuable non-ferrous metals.  With ACM’s ‘ESP’ reporting systems in place Packaging Automation now regularly reports its new green credentials to its global customer base.

Great Choice for Blackpool Hotels

The owner of 3 large seafront hotels Choice Hotels (Blackpool) has chosen ACM as its new waste partner.  For many years the hotel management had stuck with the local council trusting that they were being provided with the best deal.  ACM (NW) approached the business to assist with a waste review and soon discovered that for many years the hotel operator had not optimising its waste practices.  ACM quickly identified the most cost effective solution for the three hotels and within weeks had installed new processes.  With new equipment and staff training in place, Choice Hotels very quickly saved money and their newly achieved Zero Waste to Landfill Status won them an local award.


Bolton Bakery Saves Plenty of Dough

As a main trade distributor for waste handling and recycling equipment, ACM has been busy providing balers and compactors across the North West.  When ACM received a call from a Bolton Bakery, ACM’s Environmental Consultants were on site within 2 hours and recommended a cost effective replacement for an old static compactor machine that had been condemned.  A portable unit was recommended to the bakery since the leak proof, odour proof and vermin proof design is very well suited to the food manufacturing industry.  A loan machine was provided by ACM to keep the bakery going whilst the brand new machine was designed, built and delivered, all within the promised six week timescale.




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