Save on waste storage at your conference venue with a baler

Including a baler in your conference venue waste management plan could help you save on waste storage.   Balers are able to reduce dry recyclable volumes on-site by compressing the dry waste with tonnes of pressing force.  Balers can be used in any location with multiple size options available ensuring even the smallest company can to recycle their waste if they want to.

Large quantities of waste are produced at conference venues around the UK - primarily paper and packaging waste, but also food waste.  One sheet paper can cost up to 0.02p which might not seem a large amount of money, but a typical conference can distribute 30-40 sheets of paper per delegate, per conference which, along side waste such as refreshments and packaging starts to add up.

By installing a baler as part of your conference venue waste management you could help tackle those escalating costs as bales of cardboard and paper can be sold for anything from £45 to £185 per tonne depending on quality and type.  Waste management companies such as ACM Environmental will pay those rebates back to you, the customer.

Balers have been for been used for nearly 30 years to help businesses such as conference venues have better control over their waste. They use up to date technology to help minimize time and the difficulty of disposing of waste.  It can be hard to know which size baler is best for your venue location, but an ACM Environmental guide, plus in-depth details can help iron out any questions. 

Benefits of using a baler

Balers are beneficial as they can:

  • help your company on the road to becoming environmentally sound. 
  • help you stand out as a modern, forward-thinking organisation. 
  • pay for itself by generating income from the bales you produce.  Some waste management companies, such as ACM Environmental will pay you for your baled cardboard, making it a positive economic investment.  
  • divert your waste from other disposal methods such as landfill and it's associated dangers - release of methane, a greenhouse gas which is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Balers do not produce any harmful gases while they are compacted, making Balers more attractive.  
  • take up limited room as there are a large number of size, height and weight options available to suit conference venues of any size.  

There are negatives that can come with older balers as they can have issues with production or  breakdowns.  People often complain about some of the high prices for the larger units, meaning that some larger venues feel unable to buy larger waste balers.  However, with ACM Environmental's Greener Path Programme balers, compactors and other waste and recycling equipment can be installed with no initial outlay as the costs are built into a 3 or 5 year, fully comprehensive waste and recycling strategy.  However, balers are also available to buy - both new and secondhand if that suited your conference venue more.

Contact ACM today to arrange a free, no obligation audit of your existing operation.  Or call 08700 777555 


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