Waste Management in Stadiums

With stadiums in the UK seating up to 90,000 people for sporting and music events throughout the year it is essential for facilities managers and stadium managers to be on top of their waste and recycling operation.

The UK is home to over 100 stadiums with more planned in the coming years.  Many, including Wembley Stadium, have a zero waste to landfill operation, meaning they are diverting all their many waste streams away from landfill sites.

With extremely high footfall at stadium events, effective waste management in stadiums needs to be implemented to ensure waste is disposed of quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and importantly sustainable.  With waste streams such as cardboard and paper from programmes, tickets and packaging and food waste, it is wise to consider how best to handle each waste stream.  Stadiums are prime sites for installing waste and recycling equipment such as cardboard balers and waste compactors.  

Safe storage of waste at stadiums is of great importance to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors to the site.  With large numbers of members of the public being on site at any given time, it is key to have waste stored away from public areas.  Using equipment such as balers and compactors not only reduces the amount of collections needed from your site - again of benefit with large footfall venues, but due to their nature smells and spillages are greatly reduced.  

Introducing a sustainable waste management strategy to divert your waste from landfill can form part of a stadiums Environment Policy along with sustainable transport, water and energy. Indeed, Wembley Stadium "are committed to continually improving our environmental performance."

At ACM Environmental we are highly experienced in waste management in stadiums having worked with clubs such as West Ham United and Tottenham Hotspur for many years.  

See how we have helped West Ham United FC - Keeping it Clean, On and Off The Pitch


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