A World Without Waste

In October 2017, The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy published the Clean Growth Scheme; the plan to cut greenhouse emissions by 2050 whilst also growing national income. The strategy details many methods of attaining a low carbon future with one of them being the “ambition for zero avoidable waste”.

Starting 2020, the Government will force businesses to pay a Total Carbon Price for each tonne of their carbon emissions. It has been proposed that carbon emissions in the Business and Public sectors should be reduced by 30% as well as reducing industrial energy usage by 14%, by switching over to renewable fuel or cleaner energy sources. There are also plans to ensure diversion of food waste from landfill imminently, by looking at other methods of food waste management. This may be problematic for small food business, such as restaurants and cafes, who will need to introduce separate collections of food waste into their waste operation and management routine.

Andy Jacobs, ACM Environmental Chief Executive Officer gives us his thoughts on the new Clean Growth Strategy

“The UK’s Industrial Strategy of achieving Clean Growth whilst ensuring an affordable energy supply may seem like an unobtainable target; however, it is something we should strive to achieve in the waste management industry and beyond.

ACM Environmental Services are the first waste management company in the UK to have a carbon negative rating, ensuring we are continually reducing and offsetting the amount of carbon we produce as a business. With plans to pay for the carbon emissions released, it would be wise to start looking for solutions to reduce your carbon emissions for your company or business, in order avoid these added emission costs.

Food is one of the highest wasted resources in the world. Food waste also has hidden potential as it can be recycled into good quality soil improver or fertiliser and generate electricity that can be fed back into the national grid via Anaerobic Digestion. Here at ACM Waste Management, we have the best connections within the waste management industry, to ensure that food waste is transported to the closest and certified facility in order to introduce environmental efficiencies that save our clients money and can boost their reputation.

Although the idea of “zero avoidable waste” may seem far-fetched, ACM Waste Management are one step ahead now that we have introduced bespoke software, that enables clients  to track how much carbon is produced through our Carbon Calculator, which has been DEFRA approved. ACM are also the only waste management company in the UK that can offer clients holistic ‘Zero Waste’ Programme. Within this programme, ACM identifies every opportunity a business has to prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle. Zero Waste is a major advancement and ACM Waste Management are leading the way in supporting businesses by working towards achieving this enviable outcome.

In my opinion, given the topics identified in the Clean Growth Scheme, it seems that ACM and the UK Government share the same ideology and vision.”

To read the Clean Growth Scheme, please click here



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