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Palmer & Harvey Case Study


Before working in partnership with ACM, P&H were working with multiple service providers to manage their waste streams, making costs difficult to control and achieving minimal levels of recycling. Furthermore, as a producer of high volumes of food, their environmental performance became increasingly important as legislation became more stringent.



As P&H operate bonded warehouses, they needed to ensure that the appropriate security protocols and driver vetting procedures (such as CRB Checks) were in place.

Onsite operational issues, such as the containment and management of such high volumes of waste (more than 2,000 tonnes per annum across their 15 sites), meant that ACM were the ideal environmental partner with its all-inclusive one-stop-shop solution.

P&H invited ACM to tender to provide an improved waste management service to increase recycling, improve waste collection service levels, reduce costs, and help them demonstrate that they were in control of their environmental impact in relation to waste. This was specifically required to help them with their ISO 14001 accreditation, and meet their Corporate, Social & Environmental Responsibilities.

The introduction of state of the art compaction technology quickly and efficient resolved some of the onsite issues, such as wind scatter, and also allowed P&H to drastically reduce the amount of waste collections required, and this reduction in waste related mileage made an immediate positive environmental impact.
ACM negotiated with waste carriers a service and vetting procedure that ensured that all drivers and staff relating to this contract were fully vetted and met pre-agreed criteria. Since then, ACM have enhanced these procedures following our successful award of the G4S Cash Solutions waste management contract.

ACM also introduced a variety of environmentally focused recycling projects at each individual site, and implemented systems for the segregation of food waste for recycling, drastically reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.


Our improved, environmentally sound, and co-ordinated waste management solution has given P&H significant cost savings.

Continued innovation, training, and development of environmentally focused projects has resulted in a phenomenal improvement in their re-use and recycling levels, and they are now achieving an incredible 92% diversion of waste from landfill.

All of this has been achieved whilst also providing cost savings, meaning that the group are improving their bottom line, whilst also minimising their environmental impact and carbon footprint.

The current breakdown of end-point disposal for the Palmer & Harvey Group is as follows:
8% Landfill, 61% Recycle, 31% Recovery for Energy



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