Cardboard recycling

The vast majority of businesses produce cardboard waste - form the smallest office with stationery supply packaging through to those in the large-scale industrial or manufacturing sectors who can produce many tonnes of cardboard waste a week.

Whatever the size of your business, ACM can provide solutions for handling your business cardboard recycling.

How can acm help with your cardboard recycling?

From putting in dedicated cardboard recycling bins around your office, to installing a cardboard baler on your premises, there is always something that can be done to ensure you are maximising the amount you are recycling and therefore diverting as much of your business waste away from harmful and expensive landfill.

we can pay you for your waste

Cardboard is a valuable commodity and at ACM Environmental we see your waste differently to other waste management companies - we see it as a resource.  We are currently securing rebates on cardboard of £75 a tonne - the majority of which we give back to you, the customer.

Free audit

If you are concerned about introducing cardboard recycling into your business - don't be.  ACM can guide you through the whole process, starting with a full, completely free audit of your existing waste and recycling operation, we will prepare a detailed proposal and make informed recommendations for how move forward.  If we think the installation of waste and recycling equipment would help we will suggest a size of machine that will suit your space and waste volume requirements.  If you take our Greener Path Programme we can install the machines without any initial capital outlay.

See some of our waste and recycling equipment here - but if you don't see something that fits your business, call us and we can find you something that will. 

ACM Environmental can collect and recycle all your cardboard boxes, cards and cardboard packaging.

Call us today on 08700 777555 to find out more about how we can help you make the most of your cardboard recycling.

Benefits of recycling cardboard:

  • minimise waste to landfill - landfill is not only extremely expensive to send you commercial waste to, it is also detrimental to the environment so diverting as much as possible from landfill makes great business sense.
  • improve logistics and transport efficiency - by using a recycling service for your cardboard recycling you are able to schedule collections thereby ensuring the most efficient logistical approach to your waste management
  • better recycling rates - all businesses should strive to improve their recycling rates - not least as by recycling cardboard (and other waste streams) you are diverting away from harmful landfill
  • environmental impact - reducing the impact your business has on the environment is of paramount importance to all businesses who embrace sustainability.  Introducing cardboard recycling bin, cardboard balers and other waste and recycling equipment not only diverts your waste from landfill, but also minimises the amount of journeys to your site by waste collection vehicles which in itself has a positive environmental effect.
  • generate rebates - cardboard can be a valuable commodity for a business.  ACM is currently paying up to £75 per tonne for commercial cardboard waste


Free downloadable guide

Check out our free Top 8 commercial recycling tips that will obliterate your business waste


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