Consumables & Hazardous Waste


ACM supplies a range of ancillary products and services to enhance the efficacy of our waste disposal and waste management equipment, and to support your waste management plan. 

Our recycling units and containers range from internal bins for commodities such as food waste and dry mixed recycling to 50 cubic yard roll-on roll-off skips that can be customised to your waste requirements.

Benefits of using ACM’s ancillary equipment and consumables can include:

  • Offering organisations of all sizes producing many categories and quantities of waste and recycling an effective solution for their individual requirements
  • Supporting the management, segregation, reuse and recycling objectives of waste producing businesses
  • Enhancing the logistics of waste stream operations that use ACM equipment
  • Assisting to maximise the rebate value of recyclable materials and providing the items required for efficient baling, packaging and identification of materials

ACM can also supply forklifts, pallet trucks and other material handling equipment, and can carry out full servicing and repairs for all type of machinery supplied, from compactors and balers to dock levelers.


A solution for every waste producer

ACM can offer exactly the right type of container to store your waste. It will be based on what is best suited to you and your business and we will collect your waste at your convenience. The brochure below describes some of the Large Scale Units such as Front-end loaders (FELs) and Rear-end loaders (RELs), Wheelie Bins (1100L, 660L) & Smaller Containers and Consumables supplied by ACM. This is a shortlist of our most commonly used items, but we are also able to supply numerous other types of waste and recycling products and solutions.

Please contact ACM Environmental for any other items not specified or if you require or need further information.

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