ACM kick-off Greener Path Programme for Smithers-Oasis

Team ACM

Smithers-Oasis is underway with its ‘Big Green Plan’ and has recently teamed up with ACM to help achieve its waste objectives. ACM will roll out its Greener Path Programme that will focus on moving waste up the waste hierarchy.

Smithers-Oasis Ltd is a global firm and the world’s largest manufacturer of floral foam products to the floristry industry, with two UK manufacturing sites in Washington (Sunderland, Tyne and Wear). Led by ACM’s Principal Waste Consultant, Russ Sampson, ACM will go live with its Greener Path Programme in October.

Smithers-Oasis is in the process of making its UK business as environmentally friendly as possible through its ‘Big Green Plan’. Waste has been high on the agenda for several years but without having a specialist partner, Smithers-Oasis has been unable to find solutions beyond the traditional direct contractor- led offerings. With ACM now on-board, waste targets can start to be achieved. From the outset, zero waste to landfill will be achieved via several site process changes. In addition, education programmes will be set up along with better segregation to improve recycling levels. The Greener Path Programme aligns nicely to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Smithers-Oasis is focusing on – responsible consumption & production and quality education. This partnership will not only bring environmental savings but also financial ones, demonstrating that introducing sustainable practices provides long-term business benefits.

ACM works with many manufacturing businesses to optimise environmental outcomes for sometimes quite niche waste streams. ACM’s Greener Path Programme fits hand in glove with the Smithers-Oasis Big Green Plan, delivering a step-by-step continuous improvement process to manage waste up the Waste Hierarchy in line with corporate sustainability objectives.

ACM has previously demonstrated its waste management capabilities by stepping in to undertake emergency clearance works to help aid and support Smithers-Oasis. Equipment failure meant the site was faced with closure due to a backlog of waste accumulating and the incumbent contractor unable to help at short notice.

Russ Sampson, Principal Waste Consultant for the North at ACM, said:

“It is an absolute privilege to be delivering our Greener Path Programme in partnership with Smithers-Oasis as we work towards a zero-waste outcome. Waste producers often find themselves trapped at the mercy of what each individual waste contractor can offer. The approach of a waste partner, however,  is quite different – we provide the gateway to the entire waste and recycling industry along with the necessary industry experience to focus on the outcomes.  This launch marks the exciting, new beginning of what promises to be an outstanding long-term collaboration.”

Chris Bell, Operations manager at Smithers-Oasis, said:

“We are excited to be embarking on a new partnership with ACM, who is clearly very experienced and knowledgeable about the waste industry. Working together will bring us huge value with regards to the alignment to our waste and resource related targets – not only with finding the best (and most efficient) solutions but also taking care of the implementation and day to day management. In addition, ACM is also kindly offering, once we hit our first key milestone, carbon capture via a local tree planting initiative, which we are very much looking forward to being involved with.”