Waste Clear

An integrated solution designed to deliver cost savings, maximise recycling levels and optimise energy efficiency.

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Waste Clear is the first step of the greener path programme and aims for 100% diversion from landfill by identifying the ideal destinations for waste materials to be reprocessed and recycled. It will use the most efficient, cost effective and environmentally sound methods of enabling you to maximise resource recovery.


Step one

We start with the end firmly in mind, which means choosing the optimal destination point for each waste material a client produces. We have an integrated nationwide network of recycling and reprocessing facilities from which to select and our choice will be based on proximity to each client site, environmental outcome and cost.


Step two

To deliver waste materials to the chosen facility in their most valuable forms, we specify the most appropriate waste / recycling equipment to be positioned on site. A choice of container types and sizes are available, along with balers and compactors or bespoke solutions wherever necessary.


Step three

We select the most suitable haulage services with the foremost vehicle technology to collect the wastes and recyclables from each client’s site. In the event of any service shortfalls, a contingency back-up collection service will immediately be deployed.

Apps | Analytics | Client Portal

Waste Track® offers an entirely new way for waste producers to monitor, evaluate, record and control their progress towards zero waste operations.

This unique Mobile App platform is also available on your desktop along with detailed analytics.

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Assure | Avert

Waste Smart® is a flexible e-learning tool designed to promote staff buy-in and engagement. It teaches best practice across all areas of sustainable waste management.

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