The Greener Path Programme
Towards a zero waste outcome

An innovative approach to tackling business sustainability challenges. Taking a more holistic and strategic approach future proofs your business and optimises your performance.


Delivering a zero waste strategy

The Greener Path Programme modernises waste operations, optimises your supply chain and reduces risk, helping you to meet your corporate, social and environmental responsibilities and objectives. By collectively being smarter about waste and its impact, we can mitigate its long term harm on your business and the environment by further enhancing your brand and increasing competitiveness.

The Greener Path Programme aims to ensure no resources are wasted. This is achieved by correctly managing the hierarchy of waste by prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling. Our programme takes you through our three stages below:

Collect | Treat | Recycle

Waste Clear® has a primary goal of achieving 100% diversion from landfill and incineration.

It is an integrated solution designed to deliver cost savings, maximise recycling levels and optimise energy efficiency.

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Apps | Analytics | Client Portal

Waste Track® offers an entirely new way for waste producers to monitor, evaluate, record and control their progress towards zero waste operations.

This unique Mobile App platform is also available on your desktop along with detailed analytics.

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Assure | Avert

The WasteSmart® comprehensive consultancy package offers three excellent ways to travel along our Greener Path towards the Zero Waste objective.

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Explore our case studies

We work with businesses across a number of sectors to introduce sustainability best practice. Find out more here about some examples of this in practice.

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