Waste and recycling collections

Introducing recycling maximises the waste efficiencies of your business to improve your performance to give you a competitive edge.

Moving waste up the hierarchy

The best way to ensure you are managing your waste efficiently is to assess opportunities for minimising waste volumes and introducing segregation at source. Mixed and single stream recycling will direct volumes of recyclable materials down a more environmentally friendly route, which also costs less. 


Cardboard recycling

We can collect and recycle all your cardboard boxes, cards and packaging. Card can be recycled up to six times, using only half the energy it takes to make from raw materials.

See cardboard recycling

General Waste Recovery

There can be a small amount of waste that cannot be recycled in a business. We provide general waste collections and can also help you to identify whether some materials going into general waste can be segregated and recycled, bringing your costs down.

See general waste recovery

Food recycling

Food waste includes waste from food processing factories, spoiled food, kitchen waste and leftovers. We can arrange collection as well as its ‘recovery’ into heat, fuel and electricity.

See food recycling

Plastic recycling

We will arrange collection and transportation of all your plastic bottles, plastic film and hard plastics to an approved facility to be recycled into new products.

See plastic recycling

Dry mixed recycling

Dry mixed recycling channels can recycle materials such as paper, plastic bottles and cans into one waste stream saving you space and time whilst improving your recycling credentials.

See dry & mixed recycling

Glass recycling

Green, clear, brown and broken…glass doesn't lose any of its properties through recycling and can be recycled again and again, saving energy, natural resources and cost.

See glass recycling

Hazardous waste

It can be difficult to know the most suitable collection type for hazardous materials. Whether it is asbestos, clinical or paint we can advise how best to manage these materials for you.

See hazardous waste disposal

Metal recycling

There are many different types of metal, all of which we can offer a service for.

See metal recycling

Confidential waste

It is important that sensitive data and materials are separately managed via a secure process to avoid reputational damage and possible breaches of the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

See confidential waste

Wood recycling

Wood is a material that can easily be repurposed, reused or recycled. We offer a number of recycling options for this material.

See wood recycling

Textiles recycling

There is a number of routes when it comes to recycling textiles. We will prevent materials being disposed of to landfill and find routes for it to be recycled or reused.

See textiles recycling

Paper recycling

Newspapers, office papers and other paper waste can be collected, sorted and baled before it is pulled and recycled into new paper products.

See paper recycling

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