Chester Zoo makes tracks towards zero waste with support of Reconomy brand ACM Environmental

  • Chester Zoo works towards a zero waste operation by 2030 supported by ACM Environmental
  • Zero waste ambition aligns with Chester Zoo’s mission as a global conservation and education charity with the purpose or preventing the extinction of species
  • Newly established Resource Recovery Centre, Zero Waste Steering Group and transparent data reporting key to driving progress towards zero waste

Chester Zoo, one of the world’s leading not-for-profit conservation zoos, is making progress towards its zero waste ambitions, supported by ACM Environmental.

The zoo is working towards a zero waste operation by 2030, working towards waste sitting on the top half of the waste hierarchy, through maximising reuse and recycling, and avoiding the use of landfill or incineration. As part of this journey, the zoo has been working with ACM Environmental, who help businesses on a journey toward zero waste.

To maximise the potential for reuse and recycling, ACM Environmental helped design a Resource Recovery Centre (RRC) to provide Chester Zoo with the hardware needed to maximise the segregation, reuse and recycling of waste and avoid the use of landfill and incineration where possible.

The RRC, along with a new Zero Waste Steering Group, supports a data-led, tech-enabled approach that helps the zoo better understand its waste streams. Regular analysis of waste generated on site gives Chester Zoo insight into the sources and end point disposal of materials, helping to identify priorities for action. This approach is supported by the Steering Group, which brings together key stakeholders to guide the strategy towards its zero waste target.

ACM Environmental specialises in working with large commercial organisations to remove inefficiencies and introduce cost savings within their waste processes as part of its commitment to helping business divert waste from landfill and incineration and work towards zero waste.

Highlighting Chester Zoo’s approach to zero waste comes ahead of Global Recycling Day (March 18th 2024) – a day dedicated to recognise and celebrate the important role that recycling plays in preserving finite raw materials and securing the future of our planet.

Chester Zoo’s commitment to reducing the overconsumption of natural resources and addressing waste pollution, as part of its sustainability objectives, aligns strongly with this message and is critical to its mission of preventing extinction as a global conservation and education charity.

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Russ Sampson, Waste & Recycling Consultant at ACM Environmental, stated,

"Chester Zoo is a brilliant example of an organisation that is authentically committed to achieving real change through its resource management strategy. With our support they are making substantial operational changes to do what is right for our precious environment. I am certain that we will continue to make strong progress towards Chester Zoo’s ambitious objectives and help deliver impactful change.”

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Jennifer Kelly, Head of Sustainability at Chester Zoo, commented,

“For Chester Zoo, working towards zero waste is a key part of our commitment to sustainability and our mission to prevent extinction and we hope sharing our experience and approach will inspire others to act. We’re delighted to be collaborating with ACM, whose network, expertise and hands-on support is critical to help guide our journey towards zero waste.”

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