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Benefitting from 0% Diversion

Our improved, environmentally sound and co-ordinated waste management solution has further provided Choice Hotels with significant cost savings

With over 0 years expierence

ACM have over 25 years worth of experience in the waste management industry and have worked together with Choice Hotels to achieve great results

The challenge

Uncertainty or security?

For many years, leading independent hotel group Choice Hotels (Blackpool) had persisted working with the local council for their waste operations, trusting that they were being provided with the best solution. It was only when Choice Hotels were invited to an ACM Waste Audit that it soon became clear that there was room for improvement. With uncertainty ahead after being notified of imminent price increases, ACM were able to design a strategy tailored to Choice Hotels’ needs and protect them against severe increases. ACM are also able to provide them with regular and accurate reporting through ACM’s online Environmental Services Portal (ESP), enabling them to plan ahead for the future. With their best foot forward, Choice Hotels (Blackpool) had made the first step on the journey towards environmental progress.

The solution

By understanding Choice Hotel’s current pricing schedule, ACM were quickly able to identify the most cost-effective solution for the three hotels. Having been in the recycling business for more than 25 years now, our team at ACM Environmental are well-versed with the network and experience to provide us with access to the latest technology so that we find both the greenest and most financially viable solutions to commercial waste recycling in the UK.

ACM analysed each sites’ specific requirements along with the amount of waste and the type of waste being produced per hotel. By extracting this information, ACM were able to calculate an optimised waste schedule, ensuring that no collections were being carried out unnecessarily.

Waste streams were segregated into those which suited the hotel’s operation which benefited the sites significantly. By clearly labelling each bin and container with the waste stream contents in a written and visual format, this has made it harder for the hotel staff to dispose of the waste incorrectly.

A dry mixed recycling service was introduced which reduced the amount of waste that was originally identified as unrecoverable waste sent to landfill. From there, ACM were able to find alternative outlets to landfill and were able to source recycling depots for each waste stream, ensuring that all materials were being diverted from landfill and reused or recycled in accordance with the UK Governments’ Waste Hierarchy.

Introducing a weighing system for the hotel’s waste operations has allowed for ACM to analyse detailed information regarding the collected waste. This is used to optimise each hotel’s weight allowances, container sizes and lift schedules for each waste and recycling stream. By weighing the waste, Choice Hotels (Blackpool) are able to monitor their outputs, which is key to legislative compliance and operational efficiencies.

The results

Benefitting from 100% Diversion

Our improved, environmentally sound and co-ordinated waste management solution has further provided Choice Hotels with significant cost savings as well as ensuring the group now complies with Government TEEP Regulations which apply to all producers of commercial waste.

Continued innovation, training, and re-development of environmentally focused projects has resulted in a phenomenal improvement in their re-use and recycling levels to achieve an incredible 100% diversion of waste from landfill. Choice Hotels very quickly saved money and their newly achieved Zero Waste to Landfill Status won them a local award. The Greener Path Awards were created to celebrate the great work businesses across the UK are doing in reducing the impact they have on the environment Although it was never expected from Choice Hotels to achieve such a momentous award, it must be extremely rewarding to be able to announce worldwide that your business is leading the way on the journey towards a circular economy as well as being able to save more than a few pennies along the way!

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