My Journey- Lyle Gornall

Team ACM

ACM’s purpose is to support and encourage employees to achieve their personal and professional goals, and in turn the goals of the Company, its Customers, and the Environment. By recognising and nurturing talent, ACM can offer opportunities for development and promotion within the company and wider group.

One of the finest examples of this, is the recent promotion of Lyle Gornall to Head of Sales of ACM Environmental Ltd. Lyle first joined ACM in 2011 as a Junior Environmental Consultant, promoted to Environmental Consultant, before leaving in 2014 and re-joining the company in 2018 as Senior Environmental Consultant.

Looking back. Lyle said: “I joined ACM in 2011 as Junior Environmental Consultant, which was the beginning of a new career path for me. The role involved speaking with SME businesses regarding their environmental impact and how ACM could reduce their expenditure via increased recycling, providing increased environmental performance and diverting waste from landfill. The goal was to identify inefficiencies in their waste management and turn the waste into a valuable resource where possible. During my time I continually learned, developed, and strived to become an expert in the field.”

Lyle left ACM in 2014 to explore other opportunities, before returning in 2018 as a Senior Environmental Consultant.

Lyle continued: “My goal was to create a positive future for myself and my family, work my way up, and then one day lead a team. Since re-joining in 2018, my ambition was to achieve career progression through hard work and dedication and become the most professional version of myself.  Learning from my peers has been an important part of my journey and has enabled me to produce significant results.”

In his new role, Lyle will create and lead a team of dynamic Environmental Consultants and Sales Support staff and encourage their development.

Lyle concluded: “Since re-joining ACM, the support provided has been incredible. ACM is a close-knit business and now with the backing of Reconomy Group the opportunities are endless. My ambition is stronger than ever; I now have the opportunity to lead a team and deliver fantastic results.”