Static (1.5-3 cubic metres)

Static compactors can be used as standalone equipment or incorporated into a wide variety of waste handling systems and must be located on a level concrete base.

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We offer a range of  static compactors. They are reliable, easy to maintain, simple and safe to use and offer a long operating life. Each of the models has specific attributes, giving each compactor the ability to problem-solve for a range of waste management requirements. They are suitable for a variety of sites and demands meaning they provide an exceptionally efficient means of waste control. Importantly, our range includes models than can be located in sites where space is at a premium.

High performance compaction will mean fewer trips are required to the waste disposal site saving on transport cost and reducing the environmental impact of the waste management operation. As static compactors are efficient at processing, they can also maximise the rebate value for your recyclable materials. Static Compactors are ideal for handling cardboard, packaging, pallets and other dry recyclables.

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Universal integrated bin tipper, 240-1100 litre c/wsafety cage, key start, customised tippers, colour choice, remote control station, dock loading designs, pre-crush, chute feed/heavy duty hoppers, remote power unit, service interval indicator.

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