How important is communication and training to staff of recycling and waste management practices?

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Communication and training is essential when it comes to managing processes in any business. However, it is also essential to ensure that the information and training procedures communicated are correct, efficient and improved upon to ensure operations are running as smoothly as possible. Education is at the core of a successful waste and recycling management plan. Making sure that the information provided is highly interactive, stimulating and motivating for staff. This ensures that your business ideals and incentives are well received and understood

At ACM Environmental we believe you should never underestimate how much difference training and communication can make to improving your waste and recycling operation. We can help with bespoke signage as well as awareness events and training sessions. We can also make sure that the information we provide is highly interactive, stimulating and motivating for staff. This ensures that your business ideals and incentives are well received and understood.

Start with trials with kitchen staff for example; get them involved with segregating food waste. Let the staff decide where the bins are placed and move them around if it is not working. Then have a meeting to see how it is going, what works and what needs improving. This information can then be shared with other members of staff to roll out into their areas of the business.

Housekeeping probably have the hardest area to improve as they deal directly with the general public. This is not an insurmountable problem however, clear communication guidance in guest rooms about where to put water bottles etc., is a real help. Also, involve reception staff and ask them to communicate to guests when they check-in about how they can help improve your segregation by using the appropriate containers for recyclables provided. If any of the guest have children get them involved, children are great at recycling and have an enthusiasm for it that can be harnessed.

Ultimately, most of it is common sense, there is no such thing as a magic bin. It is like anything in life, what you put into your bin, is what you get out of it, so let’s make it recyclable!

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