Mill Size Baler

Our range of Mill Size Balers produce rectangular, easy to stack bales of densely compacted cardboard, plastic and paper.

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Mill Size Baler

Our mill size baler produces densely compacted, rectangular bales that are easy to stack and ready to be transported. The mill size baler is suitable for cardboard, plastic and paper. It helps to reduce the cost of handling, storage and haulage making it the perfect solution for on site recycling. They are extremely efficient and easy to use and offer the highest levels of performance and safety for a vertical baler.

Bales can achieve a 500kg weight, reducing storage, handling and haulage costs. The mill size baler is an ideal solution for on-site recycling and waste management. Mill size balers are extremely efficient and easy to use while offering levels of performance, strength and safety unequalled by other vertical balers.

We offer outright purchases, lease or all inclusive agreements.

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