Semi Automatic Horizontal Mill Size Baler

We provide several different semi automatic mill size balers.

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They are ideal for handling  large volumes of recyclable waste and incorporating the latest technology, they can process a wide range of materials including cardboard, paper and plastic bottles.

EcoTec 400 HFE-PC:
This is the smallest baler in the Ecotec range, ideal for volume reduction of small items such as boxes and air-blown material. The press plate extends to the door and so very dense mill-size bales can be produced weighing up to 450kg. A bale is fully discharged from the chamber after tying, making it easy to switch from one material to another.

EcoTec 450 HFE:
This baler can produce bales of up to 500kg and a full bale discharge enables material to be changed without bale contamination. A full eject system saves processing time as it does not rely on the next batch of material to discharge the bale.

EcoTec 600 HFE-PC:
This is an extremely versatile baler, featuring a 5 wire horizontal tying system. It can produce card bales up to 600kg and plastic film bales up to 700kg. The full eject baler with portcullis door is for easy operation. This baler can process up to 2 tonnes per hour and has an excellent shearing system making it ideal for processing heavy duty material.

EcoTec850 HFE-75T:
This is the largest semi automatic baler in our EcoTec range. It has the highest compaction force and can produce high density bales of cardboard up to 800kg in weight. This baler is excellent for baling hard plastic and can push through up to 3 tonnes per hour. The large hopper opening allows for easy feeding of large volumes of waste via a loading shovel or conveyor.

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