Location: internal or external (under cover)

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Dimensions: 1900 (H) x 1270 (W) x 1020mm (D)
Screen size: 1x 55in AV screen and 2x 67in light boxes
Touch screen: operates the machine seamlessly and intuitively
Reward system: paper token (digital options available)
Material types: plastic bottles and aluminium
Capacity: 500 bottles and 700 cans (segregated)
Automation: barcode, shape, material and weight sensors
Max container size: 3 litres
Material sorting and compaction: powerful densification of each material type
Outputs: segregated materials compacted into split chambers
Reporting: full description of each container for macro or micro analysis
Power supply: 13amp
Productivity: up to 45 units per min
IP rating: IP40

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