Good practice waste management examples in hotels around the worlD

Most of us have been lucky enough to stay in hotels in the UK or around the world and the thing we usually enjoy is not having to do any of the cleaning up!  But someone has to, and in a premises of any size, hotel waste management can cause logistical headaches for those responsible for it.  

Hotel waste management is not always straightforward and often hotels devise a waste management strategy that may not be as sustainable as it could be because looking for a green alternative could be time consuming and complicated.  As hotels produce such an large variety of waste streams, 365 days a year, in premises where cleanliness and health and safety are of paramount importance you can see why it could be difficult to think about environmentally sound solutions.  

By introducing a waste management system in a hotel, waste can be segregated at source, stored safely and hygienically and disposed of in the most environmentally-sound way.  Indeed, ACM have helped hotel clients achieve 100% landfill diversion in large hotels.  To see how we have helped some of our clients here.

One of the largest waste streams in the hotel industry is food waste, and finding sustainable solutions for the disposal of food waste in hotels can often be the key to become zero waste to landfill.

How to reduce food waste in hotels

There are numerous options available for reducing food waste in hotels - some things you could consider are:

Getting everyone on board with your new hotel waste management strategy

When you do introduce a new strategy for your hotel waste management it is important to get everyone involved - all staff and indeed visitors. If you begin working with a waste management company like ACM, they will run education and training days for your staff to explain the new systems and processes in an engaging way.  Details of the hotel's waste procedures can be explained to visitors in their room directories and around the hotel.

The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are an excellent example of best practice in the way they promote environmental education and communication between staff and guests and take their environmental responsibility very seriously.

If you are responsible for waste management in a hotel, call ACM to discuss how we can help you on the way to zero waste to landfill. 08700 777555 or contact us here.


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