Safe waste storage on site for schools

The safe storage of waste is important in any environment, but particularly when there are children and young people in the vicinity every day.


Depending on their size, schools can currently spend between £300 and £1000 per year on waste disposal. Through reducing, reusing and recycling, schools can cut waste production by more than 50%, saving money on disposal costs.


According to Recycle Now, the average secondary school produces 22kg of waste per pupil each academic year, and in  primary schools it is even higher at 45kg per pupil.

Waste management in schools

Most schools produce food waste (from packed lunches and school dinners), general litter, paper and cardboard waste.  All of this has potential to be troublesome if not contained in terms of potentially blowing around your school sites and emitting smells or attracting  vermin.  Very good reasons to make sure that safe storage of waste is introduced.

There are numerous options available to ensure that waste management in schools is safe and secure – the introduction of recycling bins throughout the school, installing a waste compactor 


ACM always says 'you can only manage what you can measure' – that’s why our unique online Environmental Service Programme (ESP) is used by so many of our clients.  Designed to run alongside their waste management operation, it allows them to monitor and control every aspect of their waste management and recycling with the click of a mouse!

Waste and recycling audit

The very best way to begin an overhaul of waste management in schools and begin implementing safe storage is to conduct an audit of the waste you are currently producing. 


Over the course of a couple of weeks monitor where your waste is coming from, think about how the biggest waste streams could be reduced, consider segregating your waste streams and using waste handling equipment such as a cardboard baler, waste compactor – either a static compactor or portable compactor depending on the volumes of waste you produce and the space you have available.


Determine what you need to do – such as:


-                emailing letters home

-                using interactive whiteboards rather than printed worksheets

-                composting food waste

-                reusing materials where possible

-                recycling cardboard, paper, ink cartridges


See more about waste management in schools and what can be recycled here.


Then share the plans, engage all the children, staff and visitors, form a School Recycling Team, set targets and make sure everyone knows what you are aiming to achieve.  You’ll be surprised how enthusiastic people get about rubbish!


If you are unsure about conducting an audit yourself, why not call ACM and we will send one of our Environmental Consultants along to carry out a free, no obligation Audit for you.  They will provide you with a full report and suggestions on how to improve your operation and not only save money, but become more environmentally sound.


We can even help you on the way to Eco School status for schools in England, Keep Wales Tidy for schools in Wales and  Keep Scotland Beautiful for schools in Scotland.


ACM works with schools and colleges across the country, helping them not only safely store their rubbish, maybe by supplying a waste compactor or range of recycling bins, but also helping them reduce the amount of waste they produce in the first place. 


Enjoy our special School Recycling Team video here!




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